School Administration


The school administration is headed by the National Chairman of Coral Junior & High Schools, Dr. Ezekiel Okemwa (Ph.D), A Nobel Peace Prize Winner 2007 on Climate Change, the Leading Scientist in the Whole World 2006 on Biological Oceanography and the Leading Intellectual of the 21st Century. With his wealth of experience Dr. Okemwa has a vision for those who go through his group of schools to emulate him. At Coral we ensure that all teachers we engage are highly qualified and therefore not compromising on the quality of education given to your children. The office is open from 7.00 am to 7.00 pm daily to manage the school.


Well behaved pupils.

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School Profile

Founded in 2006, Coral Junior School began as a small primary school with a curriculum based on the Kenya National Curriculum for (8:4:4) at Gospel …

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